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No Chips, No Tips: How the Computer Chip Shortage Threatens Thousands of Restaurant Service Jobs

By The Washington Post

June 11, 2021

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A lack of chips, computer not tortilla, is wreaking havoc on the already beleaguered restaurant and bar industry, the latest victim of a pandemic-induced worldwide shortage that has disrupted the manufacturing of smartphones, cars and more.

Computer chips are used in the systems that restaurants rely on to record customer meal orders and relay them to the kitchen. The chip shortage is creating headaches for existing restaurants and big barriers to entry for new restaurants.

Called "point of sale" or POS machines, these systems connect servers' handheld ordering devices to terminals and printers in the kitchen and dining room. At a moment when just about every restaurant in the country is short-staffed, not having enough handheld machines or terminals adds another layer of problems.

From The Washington Post
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