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100-Qubit Quantum Computing System Unveiled

By Tom's Hardware

July 21, 2021

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Atom Computing, a quantum computing startup, has announced a quantum computing system with unparalleled capabilities. The company's first-generation Phoenix system can pack as many as 100 qubits that are said to be 'exceptionally' stable with long coherence times, thus providing extreme performance potential. Separately, the company announced that it had secured over $15 million in Series A funding and hired a new CEO.

Atom Computing's Phoenix can trap 100 atomic qubits (of an alkaline earth element) in a vacuum chamber with optical tweezers. Then, the quantum states of atomic qubits are manipulated with lasers. The company claims that its qubits are remarkably stable and have very long coherence times (i.e., over 100 ms), making Atom Computing's Phoenix suitable for complex computations.

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