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Killer Robots Need 'No New Rules' about Firing on Humans, Russia tells U.N.

By The Telegraph

August 5, 2021

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Lethal drone weapon systems require "no new regulations" over whether they can fire on humans, Russia has said, as the Red Cross warns so-called "killer robots" should not "decide who lives or dies".

Speaking on Tuesday at a UN conference in Geneva on the ethics of lethal autonomous weapons, the Russian delegate said such systems "ought to comply with the principles of necessity and proportionality" in the same way as human soldiers.

The conference, running until August 13 and attended by diplomats from 50 countries, hopes to establish regulations to prevent "killer robots" making their own decisions.

There was a "current lack of convincing justification for imposing new restrictions or prohibitions" on such weapons, Russia's delegate said.

"The high level of autonomy of these weapons allows [them] to operate within a dynamic conflict situation and in various environments while maintaining an appropriate level of selectivity and precision.

"As a result it ensures the compliance with [existing] rules of international humanitarian law."

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