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Java Surges Back Up in RedMonk Rankings

By ZDNet

August 11, 2021

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Java's popularity has been slowly declining in some programming-language index rankings, but it's popped back into the second spot in RedMonk's Q3 2021 language popularity rankings, which have been updated twice a year since 2010. Python overtook Java for the second spot in RedMonk's Q2 2020 ranking, and it has remained in Python's shadow ever since, but now it has jumped one spot to second—a place it once again shares with Python.

As RedMonk analyst Stephen O'Grady notes, Java's consistent third placing over the past year was "prompting questions from observers as to whether it was fated to a gradual drift down these rankings". And Tiobe CEO Paul Jensen last September said Java was in "real trouble" because of a notable decline in its share of queries for programming languages on major search engines.

But now, according to RedMonk, Java has 'surged' back.

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