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Pilot in Austin to Offer Early Look at Edge Computing at Scale

By DataCenter Knowledge

August 19, 2021

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The infrastructure that will be required to enable all the things 5G promises to enable, from pervasive VR and AR to autonomous vehicles, goes well beyond new antennas on rooftops and cell towers. It will need new fiber lines, computing, storage, networking equipment, sensors, cooling systems, power, enclosures, physical security… you get the idea.

Keith Rutledge, general manager of Compass Datacenters' EdgePoint business, likened the scale of the buildout of infrastructure to support the digital future we've been promised for years to that of the electrification of the United States in the first half of last century.

The cost it will take "to wire this country up for autonomous systems and immense connectivity" will likely make it the most expensive infrastructure build-out ever undertaken in the country, he said Monday to an audience at the Data Center World conference in Orlando.

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