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Nuclear Radiation Used to Transmit Digital Data Wirelessly

By Lancaster University (U.K.)

November 12, 2021

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Digitally encoded information has been transmitted wirelessly using nuclear radiation, thanks to engineers at the U.K.'s Lancaster University and Slovenia's Jo┼żef Stefan Institute.

The researchers transmitted the data using fast neutrons spontaneously emitted from the radioactive isotope californium-252.

A detector measured the emissions, which were recorded on a laptop; the researchers serially encoded data including a word, the alphabet, and a blindly-chosen random number into the modulation of the neutron field, and decoded the output on a laptop that retrieved the encoded information.

Lancaster's Malcolm Joyce said, "We demonstrate the potential of fast neutron radiation as a medium for wireless communications for applications where conventional electromagnetic transmission is either not feasible or is inherently limited."

From Lancaster University (U.K.)
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