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'Full Self-Driving' Clips Show Teslas on Train Tracks and Fighting for Control

February 10, 2022

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In one video, a Tesla tries to drive down some light-rail tracks. In another, a Tesla fails to stop for a pedestrian in a crosswalk. And at one point, the most advanced driver-assistance product available to consumers appears to slam into a bike lane bollard at 11 mph.

Each of these moments — captured on video by a Tesla owner and posted online — reveals a fundamental weakness in Tesla's "Full Self-Driving" technology, according to a panel of experts assembled by The Washington Post and asked to examine the videos. These are problems with no easy fix, the experts said, where patching one issue might introduce new complications, or where the nearly infinite array of possible real-life scenarios is simply too much for Tesla's algorithms to master.

The footage includes a scene in which a driver appears to be fighting for control with the advanced driver-assistance software, as well as clips showing cars failing to properly interpret critical road markings and signs and ordinary pedestrian behavior.


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