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Cyber War Talks Heat Up at U.N. With Russia at Table

By Bloomberg

March 31, 2022

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United Nations diplomats who are meeting this week to set ground rules and guidelines for how states interact in cyber space had choice words for Russia, the country that willed the working group into existence.

"Russia has made a mockery of its pretension to lead on cyberissues at the United Nations," Michele Markoff, U.S. lead on cyber matters at the meeting. She said Russia had attacked Ukrainian banks, government websites and private sector entities as part of its invasion in a way "designed to affect the civilian population." 

Canada's representative, Dan McBryde, said it was "surreal" that Russia was undermining the very guidelines on state use of cyber tools that Moscow had helped birth, while the U.K.'s Kathryn Jones listed previous cyberattacks by Russia on Ukraine.


From Bloomberg

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