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A Heart-Pounding Supercar Aims to Upend How Cars Are Built

By The New York Times

April 29, 2022

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The Czinger 21C is a decadent supercar designed to get car enthusiasts aflutter on social media. It has serpentine curves, cranks out a record-breaking lap time — and will sell for $2 million.

Like Ford, Tucker and DeLorean before him, Kevin Czinger, the founder of the fledgling car company named after him, intends to change the auto industry — and not just by making one-off supercars. His vision centers on building a more environmental and cost-efficient digital automotive manufacturing system.

The 21C is made from an alchemy of data science and sophisticated 3D printers, which produce recyclable metal alloys that eliminate the need for tooling. It's a process developed by Divergent, a supplier also founded and helmed by Mr. Czinger.

From The New York Times
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