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The Number of Master's Degrees in This Field Nearly Tripled in a Decade

By Fortune Education

December 21, 2022

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The world is increasingly going digital, and so are graduate students. That's made a master's degree in computer science one of the most in-demand programs across the country—in fact, the fourth most-popular graduate degree conferred is now computer and information sciences and support services, according to figures from the National Center for Education Statistics. And the number of computer and information science graduate degrees jumped 187% between 2009–2010 and 2019–2020, the NCES data shows.

The reasons why these degree programs are attracting thousands of students may be obvious, at least on the surface: Society has become more dependent on computers, and technology has infiltrated almost every aspect of our lives. Smartphones are ubiquitous today, as computing has gone mobile and international. Suffice to say that there are a lot of potential jobs for those people who know how to string together some code, and those jobs are often quite lucrative.

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