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A.I.-Powered 'Robot Lawyer' Will Appear in a U.S. Court for the First Time

By The Week

January 10, 2023

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A chatbot powered by artificial intelligence will appear in court next month to help a defendant fight a traffic ticket, CBS News reports. The "robot lawyer," the first of its kind, is an experimental step toward exploring the capabilities of increasingly sophisticated AI tools. 

Consumer-focused tech firm DoNotPay is behind the AI-powered legal assistant. The company's CEO, Joshua Browder, says the company's creation runs on a smartphone that listens to court arguments. The information is then fed through an AI program that outputs legal arguments to the defendant through wireless headphones in real time.

When asked by Gizmodo if the court would be aware of the AI legal advisor during the hearing, Browder replied, "Definitely not." Phones and internet-powered devices are banned from court proceedings in many countries and jurisdictions globally. To circumvent restrictions, Browder said his company sought out a court that allowed Apple Airpods for hearing accessibility, per Gizmodo.

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