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White House Pushes for Mandatory Regulations, More Offensive Cyber Action under National Cyber Strategy

By The Record

March 2, 2023

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The White House unveiled its long-awaited National Cybersecurity Strategy on Thursday, laying out a holistic approach to improving digital security across the country. 

The plan is built around five basic pillars: 

  • Minimum cybersecurity requirements for critical infrastructure 
  • Offensive cyber actions against hackers and nation states 
  • Shifting liability onto software manufacturers
  • Diversifying and expanding the cyber workforce
  • Continuing to build international partnerships.

"This strategy recognizes that robust collaboration, particularly between the public and private sectors, is essential to securing cyberspace. It also takes on the systemic challenge that too much of the responsibility for cybersecurity has fallen on individual users and small organizations," President Joe Biden said in a statement attached to the document.

The president said the country must "rebalance the responsibility for cybersecurity to be more effective and more equitable."


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