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Quantum Breakthrough Paves Way for Experimental Wormhole

By University of Bristol

March 16, 2023

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A practical application for the highly anticipated yet underutilized quantum computing technology is within reach due to an innovative method that overcomes the significant challenge of scaling up these prototypes.

The invention, by a University of Bristol physicist, who gave it the name 'counterportation', provides the first-ever practical blueprint for creating in the lab a wormhole that verifiably bridges space, as a probe into the inner workings of the universe.

By deploying a novel computing scheme, revealed in the journal Quantum Science and Technology, which harnesses the basic laws of physics, a small object can be reconstituted across space without any particles crossing. Among other things, it provides a 'smoking gun' for the existence of a physical reality underpinning our most accurate description of the world.

From University of Bristol
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