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AI Might Enable Us to Talk to Animals Soon. Here's How

By ZDNet

May 5, 2023

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Imagine listening to chirping birds and being able to pull out your phone and decipher what they're saying to each other. Then picture yourself going on a safari in Africa and following a conversation between a pair of elephants. Think that sounds farfetched? Think again: It's actually part of the tech-enabled future the Earth Species Project (ESP) wants to build.

The ESP is a nonprofit founded by Mozilla Labs cofounder, Aza Raskin, and Britt Selvitelle, a member of the Twitter founding team, and it's leading the charge towards decoding non-human communication using artificial intelligence (AI).

Being able to understand your cat's innermost thoughts sounds fascinating. But the benefits of understanding animals go way beyond listening into a conversation between your dog and its canine buddies when they're out on a walk. 

In fact, the ability to decipher animal communication has direct implications for conservation and the protection of our planet.

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