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­k Looks to Young Geeks to Secure Cyberspace

By The Associated Press

June 26, 2009

Britain is hiring former computer hackers to join a new security unit aimed at protecting cyberspace from foreign spies, thieves and terrorists, the country's terrorism minister said. Alan West said the technology-savvy staff will join efforts to trace the source of — and prevent — cyber attacks on Britain's government, businesses and individuals. The country also will develop its capability to wage cyber warfare against the country's foes, he said.

But Eugene Spafford, a professor of computer science at Purdue University, in Indiana, said it won't be easy for all former hackers to become cyberspace police. "Knowing how to break a window is different from knowing how to fix it or to install it," he said. "They may find flaws, but that doesn't know they know how to fix the system."

From The Associated Press
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