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Silicon Valley Tech Workers Earning Less Than in 2000

By The Wall Street Journal

February 3, 2010

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While some of the latest government wage data appears to show that Silicon Valley's high-tech workers are making more now than they did in 2000, a closer look at the numbers shows that's not exactly the case.

High-tech employees in Silicon Valley – including semiconductor, computer and software makers, Internet workers and scientific-research-and-development workers, among others – earned $130,700 per person in 2009, based on annualized wage data from the first half of last year, compared with $120,100 in 2000, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

But adjusted for inflation, such workers made just $105,500 apiece in 2009 based on annualized data, or 12.2% less than those in 2000, the BLS said Tuesday as it released a report on trends in high-tech wages and employment since the dot-com area.

The decline in earnings was echoed across Silicon Valley, with non-tech workers in the region also making less in 2009 based on annualized, inflation-adjusted numbers than in 2000.

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