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Photos of the Future

By The Independent

February 24, 2010

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Stanford University researchers are developing the Frankencamera, an open source digital camera that they hope will lead to a computational photography revolution. "Computational photography will change how we do photography," says Stanford professor Marc Levoy. "It would allow you to fix things that you can't currently--whether by combining pictures in a different way, or by fiddling with optics so that more is recorded than on a normal camera."

The goal is to turn the camera into a powerful computer, with the ability to change the focus of a shot after it has been taken, take three-dimensional photographs, and convert photographs into drawings, diagrams, or watercolors.

Meanwhile, Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor Ramesh Raskar notes that researchers are already exploring the next step beyond computational photography. For example, Raskar notes that Microsoft is developing software to generate "sense photographs," which capture the sense of the real experience, not just what the camera and computer are able to record.

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