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Pushing For Software Quality Assurance

By Network World

March 19, 2010

In a recent Journal of Computer Science research article, "Resistance Factors in the Implementation of Software Process Improvement Project in Malaysia," the authors discussed reasons why people resist software quality assurance (SQA).

Experts say there are several categories of problems when integrating SQA into the software development process, including human, political, cultural, change management, and goals. Human problems include the failure to gain top-level, thorough support for process improvement, while political issues can involve leaders believing they will lose power as a result of SQA.

A resistance to organizational change is a common cultural problem, while unclear, undefined, and unmeasured goals can leave people confused and uncooperative. A change in management also can affect the smooth implementation of SQA.

ACM's Risk Forum offers many reports on the consequences of poor software design and SQA failures.

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