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Physicists ­se Location to Guarantee Security of Quantum Messages

By Technology Review

May 17, 2010

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University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) researchers have developed a type of quantum cryptography, which guarantees that only a person at a certain location can read an encrypted message.

The researchers say their method makes no assumption other than that laws of quantum physics are correct. It is not technically complex, because it only calls for a qubit to be sent along a quantum channel, while all other communication can be completed classically. A quantum measurement is required, but not quantum computation. The researchers say that there is no technological reason why this scheme cannot be implemented today.

Although the approach is relatively simple, the proof of its security is complex and involved. "Unfortunately we do not have a security proof, and we leave it as an open problem to find an attack or prove its security," says UCLA's Nishanth Chandran.

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