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Flexible Touch Screen Made With Printed Graphene

By Technology Review

June 22, 2010

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Researchers at Samsung and Sungkyunkwan University have developed a graphene-based flexible touch screen that eventually could lead to transparent electronics.

The researchers produced a continuous layer of pure graphene by spooling it out through rollers on top of a flexible, transparent 63-centimeter-wide polyester sheet. They were able to create a flexible touch screen by using the polymer-supported graphene to make the screen's transparent electrodes. Producing graphene on polyester sheets that bend is the first step to making stronger, less expensive, and more flexible transparent electronics. "[Our] dramatic scaling up was enabled by the use of large, flexible copper foils fitting the tubular shape of the furnace," says Sungkyunkwan professor Byung Hee Hong.

The researchers say the technology could be used to produce graphene-based solar cells, touch sensors, and flat-panel displays.

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