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How a Hashtag Changed My Philosophy on Life

By DesMoinesRegister.com

July 27, 2011

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Twitter users have a way of self-identifying gratuitous complaints they make. They use the hashtag first-world problems. As in, "I can't believe Netflix is doubling what they charge for their service! The gall! #firstworldproblems." It's a way of saying, "I have such a pert, happy, tidy, relatively stress-free life that my luxury items, indecision about luxury items, and indignation regarding luxury items have reached a distracting level."

There are a few common categories of first-world problems: I lost/broke/dislike something about my remote/iPod/GPS system.

These are things that put us in a bad mood, make us feel uncomfortable or inconvenience us. We could usually reword these as, "This is a bummer, but I realize it's no big deal."

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