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Shoot-'Em-Up Videogames Don't Warp Minds – Big Tech Does

By Wired

August 8, 2019

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Last weekend's mass shootings have returned the public's minds to the desperate need for comprehensive gun control to end the easy access to weapons of military-style ferocity.

President Trump and his Republican supporters would very much like to change the subject, and this time they found the same shiny object to hold high — violent videogames.

It seems intuitively obvious that players committing violence in videogames could lead to violence in the real world. Except researchers say it doesn't.

The misplaced focus on violence leaking from pretend digital worlds to the real world misses the glaring digital influence we're subjected to every day: Silicon Valley companies manipulating users, trying to shape their behavior online and off to make money.

From Wired
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