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Is It Time to Rethink Women Leadership in Technology?

By Analytics Insight

December 28, 2020

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Research show that having male and female leaders is an important factor of company growth. In the technology world, gender equality persists as a major concern as women remain significantly underrepresented.

Having women in senior leadership positions can positively impact female employee engagement and retention. In organizations where more senior leadership positions are held by women, they are more likely to get equal pay. In addition, female employees feel higher job satisfaction and can stay with the company longer.

Making gender diversity core to recruiting processes can also ensure the chance of hiring more women. Empowering women in the workplace through flexible work policies, generous maternity coverage, women's employee resource groups, and mentoring programs will substantially contribute to a female employee's long-term engagement with her job.

Closing the gender gap in technology is not a one-time campaign. It requires continuous work that needs to be developed, maintained, and cultivated.

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