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'Yeah, We're Spooked', Says Expert about AI's Potential Impact

By The Guardian

November 9, 2021

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Stuart Russell is a professor and founder of the Center for Human-Compatible Artificial Intelligence at the University of California, Berkeley.

In an interview, Stuart Russell contends that most experts believe machines will be more intelligent than humans during this century, something that the research community may not have been prepared for.

"The AI community has not yet adjusted to the fact that we are now starting to have a really big impact in the real world," Russell said. "That simply wasn't the case for most of the history of the field. We were just in the lab, developing things, trying to get stuff to work, mostly failing to get stuff to work.

"The question of real-world impact was just not germane at all. And we have to grow up very quickly to catch up."

From The Guardian
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