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Considering 'Creatively Adequate' AI

By Wired

January 27, 2022

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Artificial intelligence (AI) can malfunction at the mildest hint of data slip, so its architects are doing all they can to dampen ambiguity and volatility. And since the world's primary source of ambiguity and volatility is humans, we have found ourselves aggressively stifled. We've been forced into metric assessments at school; standard flow patterns at work; and regularized sets at hospitals, gyms, and social media hangouts.

In the process, we've lost large chunks of the independence, creativity, and daring that our biology evolved to keep us resilient, making us more anxious, angry, and burned out.

If we want a better future, we need to pursue a different remedy to AI's mental fragility. Instead of remaking ourselves in AI's brittle image, we should do the opposite. We should remake AI in the image of our anti-fragility.

From Wired
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