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Computational Thinking in the Era of Data Science

By Koby Mike, Noa Ragonis, Rinat B. Rosenberg-Kima, Orit Hazzan

Communications of the ACM, Vol. 65 No. 8, Pages 33-35

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Recent years have seen the integration of computer science, mathematicsa and statistics, together with real-world domain knowledge, into a new research and applications field: data science.4 Just as data science integrates knowledge and skills from computer science, statistics, and a real-world application domain, data thinking, we propose, integrates computational thinking, statistical thinking, and domain thinking.

Computational thinking was first introduced by Papert13 and, a quarter of a century later, was illuminated and elaborated on by Wing.15 As it turns out, exploring the novelty of data thinking uncovers new facets of computational thinking.


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