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China Racing Ahead in It Revolution

By CCTV.com

October 19, 2009

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China is striving to build first-rate research capabilities that can transform its economy from manufacturing based to technology based. In one of the efforts to catch up with the world's leaders in Information Technology development, the China Computer Science Vision 2020 Symposium wrapped up this week in Beijing. The event mapped out ways to reach a world class computer science research level within 11 years.

Information Technology is profoundly touching nearly every aspect of modern society, and is increasingly shaping the world's economy. China is also racing ahead in the global IT research and development competition. The nation has unveiled an ambitious plan to develop world class computer science research capabilities by the year 2020. ACM 2000 A.M. Turing Award Winner Professor Andrew Yao, the program's leader, talked about why it is so urgent for China to develop in the field of computer science, the foundation of the IT revolution.

Considering developed countries dominance in the discipline, building a first-rate computer science infrastructure in just over a decade is, no doubt, a big challenge.

View a video about China's efforts to increase its position as an IT leader.

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