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Are We Waiting for Everyone to Get Hacked?

By The New York Times

June 9, 2021

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Leon Panetta was the 23rd U.S. Secretary of Defense, serving during President Barack Obama's administration.

We are racing toward—in fact have already entered—an era of visceral cyberattacks that threaten Americans’ way of life. And yet, despite the vulnerabilities these attacks reveal, individuals, organizations, and policymakers have yet to fundamentally change their behavior.

Leon Panetta was among the first senior leaders to warn, in 2012, against a coordinated cyberattack on critical infrastructure that “would cause physical destruction and the loss of life, an attack that would paralyze and shock the nation and create a profound new sense of vulnerability.”

In an interview, he reflects on Stuxnet, his "Pearl Harbor" controversey, and how prepared the U.S. is to thwart major cyber attacks.

From The New York Times
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