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Deloitte's Quantum Computing Leader on the Technology's Healthcare Future

By Healthcare IT News

August 18, 2021

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Scott Buchholz is emerging technology research director and government and public services CTO at Deloitte Consulting.

In an interview, Scott Buchholz discusses quantum computing's potential benefits for the healthcare sector, from the ability to track and diagnose disease to improving the supply chain.

"Because quantum computers can simulate atoms and other molecules much better than classical computers, researchers are investigating the future feasibility of doing drug discovery, target protein matching, calculating protein folding, and more," Buchholz said.

"While the technology to solve the 'at-scale' problems is still several years in the future, researchers currently are working hard today to put the foundations in place to tackle these problems as the hardware capacity of quantum computers advances. Should the hardware researchers achieve some of the sought after scalability breakthroughs, that promise could accelerate," he concluded.

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