Video Highlights

The State of Virtual Reality Hardware

Advances in VR hardware could finally take the technology mainstream.

Technological Responses to COVID-19

Companies are finding new ways to enforce social distancing, clean public spaces, and provide substitutes for human w...

Polanyi's Revenge and AI's New Romance with Tacit Knowledge

Artificial intelligence systems need the wisdom to know when to take advice from us and when to learn from data.

Let's Not Dumb Down the History of Computer Science

Donald Knuth on the best way to recognize the history of computer science.

A Review of the Semantic Web Field

Tracing the triumphs and challenges of two decades of Semantic Web research and applications.

BioScript: Programming Safe Chemistry on Laboratories-on-a-Chip

This paper introduces BioScript, a domain-specific language for programmable biochemistry that executes on emerging m...

Secure Multiparty Computation

MPC has moved from theoretical study to real-world usage. How is it doing?

Technologies for the Visually Impaired

The last decade has seen major advancements in technology for the blind and visually impaired, but problems remain.

Softening Up Robots

Giving robots soft, artificial skin would enable them to work more closely with people.