Video Highlights

Seeking Artificial Common Sense

The long-standing goal of providing artificial intelligence some measure of common sense remains elusive.

Natural Language Misunderstanding

How do we eliminate bias in automated speech recognition?

Coding at a Crossroads

While millions of students worldwide have enjoyed coding experiences over the last decade, the next challenge is spre...

BLeak: Automatically Debugging Memory Leaks in Web Applications

This paper introduces BLeak (Browser Leak debugger), the first system for automatically debugging memory leaks in web...

Bouncing Balls and Quantum Computing

A lighthearted method for calculating π is analogous to a fundamental algorithm for quantum computing.

Who Has Access to Your Smartphone Data?

ISPs, app developers, and even the government may know more about you than you think.

Real Time Spent on Real Time

The story of the development of a sound, static method for worst-case execution-time analysis.

A Decade of Social Bot Detection

Bots increasingly tamper with political elections and economic discussions. Tracing trends in detection strategies an...

MadMax: Analyzing the Out-of-Gas World of Smart Contracts

We identify gas-focused vulnerabilities and present MadMax: a static program analysis technique that automatically de...