Video Highlights

How the Internet Spans the Globe

The modern Internet is made possible by hundreds of thousands of miles of undersea cables.

Ethics of Technology Needs More Political Philosophy

Incorporating considerations of reasonable pluralism, individual agency, and legitimate authority.

CACM Video: I Was A Teenage Code-Breaker at Bletchley Park I Was A Teenage Code-Breaker at Bletchley Park

Helen Andrews was one of the youngest workers at Bletchley Park in 1940. She has only recently started talking about ...

Automated Program Repair

Automated program repair can relieve programmers from the burden of manually fixing the ever-increasing number of pro...

DeepXplore: Automated Whitebox Testing of Deep Learning Systems

We design, implement, and evaluate DeepXplore, the first white-box framework for systematically testing real-world de...

Real-World Applications for Drones

Unmanned vehicles have a number of compelling real-world use cases.

Information Is Physics

Individual bits of information can have direct physical consequences.

Protecting Industrial Control Systems

Finding, and plugging, the security holes in SCADA.

Multi-Device Digital Assistance

Increased availability of cloud services and ownership of multiple digital devices create unique opportunities for di...