Video Highlights

Explorations in Cyber-Physical Systems Education

Explorations in CPS education and related research projects over the past two decades unveil where CPS learning is he...

A Data-Driven Exploration of the Race between Human Labor and Machines in the 21st Century

To understand automation and the future of work, this study explores how human labor competes, or cooperates, with te...

Artificial Intelligence for Synthetic Biology

The opportunities and challenges of adapting and applying AI principles to synbio.

Neural Networks Learn to Speed Up Simulations

Physics-informed machine learning is gaining attention, but suffers from training issues.

Artificial Intelligence and Mental Health

How AI can be used to improve diagnosis of mental health conditions.

Raising Robovoices

New systems can model and synthesize voices, and even translate them into other languages.

Can AI Learn to Forget?

Specialized techniques may make it possible to induce selective 'amnesia' in machine learning models.

Still Waiting for Self-Driving Cars

Why is it taking so long for autonomous vehicles to hit the road?

Digital Twins and Artificial Intelligence as Pillars of Personalized Learning Models

Personalized learning models can cut student dropout rates, boost student success, improve the integration of online ...